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Pin Curls & Pencil Skirts
One of my favorite parts of living in Australia is the various fauna and flora you’ll find, with the warmer climate ensuring that colourful blossoms are as perennial as the grass. I know the Morning Glory flower is known as a rabid weed that most people choose to exterminate, but I still think they make for beautiful photographs.

How cute are these pants, by the way? I’m a monthly regular at the Hamilton Church Jumble now, and every time I go, I seem to find the most wicked bargains. I was worried for a second that these pants wouldn’t fit (they are a size 12 but they’re older than I am so the actual waist size is tiny!) but they slipped on like a dream in the dressing room and I couldn’t not buy them. It’s so hard to find high-waisted pants in this kind of style nowadays. Hipster pants just don’t work for me.

What I wore:

These gold flats are basically the embodiment of the phrase “buttery soft”.

On that note, I’m quite annoyed that Mascotte has closed down permanently. I had a few male friends who raved about their selection of gorgeous round-toed leather men’s shoes (much a relief from the usual square/pointy toed hideousness you see in modern-day men’s stores) now they’re all packed up and gone. Ironically, one of the reasons I loved them so much (cheap, high-quality leather shoes) was probably the source of their downfall. You can’t have “70% off everything” sales four times a year and expect to make any kind of profit, really. I have four pairs of Mascotte shoes, and I’m really sad I didn’t go in for more when I had the opportunity.

I basically cherish these ones like they’re actually made of gold.

I love going to markets. I feel like every activity that I really enjoy involves some kind of shopping. Is that almost sickeningly stereotypical of me as a girl, or what? But I absolutely love the haggling culture, brightly-coloured stands, and various different merchandise that you’ll never quite find anywhere else.

I went along last weekend with my friend and he helped me out with some of the photos. I tried my own hand at using a DSLR, I really did, but in some weird twist of fate, I feel more comfortable in front of a camera as opposed to behind it. I brought my little P&S along for the ride.

Pants and a blouse seemed like an appropriate choice. I’ve been wearing a lot of monochrome outfits recently, and when I found these high-waisted 3/4 gingham pants from Kmart, you’d better believe I snapped them up. I feel like they’ll be a very versatile piece this Spring.

I made the classic mistake of wearing high-heeled strappy sandals to the markets, but luckily I brought a back-up pair of black patent loafers–if you’re going to any kind of weekend markets, it’s probably best to wear flats. You’ll avoid the blisters and the strange looks.

There is everything you’d ever expect at these markets, including a lot of vintage shopping. This part was my favorite, but be warned it is indeed “vintage” shopping and not “op” shopping, with the key difference being the price points. If you look very hard, you may find a bargain or two, but it’s slim pickings out here! I was more focused on the new merchandise.

And hats, I tried on a million hats that day.

Besides the giant craft store in the middle of the action, I was blown away most of all by how many watch places there were. I’m a big watch fiend!

I would definitely go to the Carrara Markets again, and considering how huge it was, I may have to–I don’t think we managed to see the entire buy canada goose jacket factory on sale in the day we spent there, but I’m so not complaining. Another time, another trip, and I’m looking forwards to it.

I’m having a blast with this “short hair” business. I can do so much with it. I can.. pin curl it? That about all I’ve come up with so far.

I’m still trying to figure out ways to keep it behind my ears to avoid something that resembles a blunt bowl cut (which is always a risk when you cut your hair too short and add bangs to the mix), and so far I’ve come up with pin-curls, head bands (just when I thought that period of my life was over!), and pig-tails. I want to figure out something to do with upside-down french braids so I can fake some kind of milkmaid hair-do, but apart from that, I’m all out of ideas.

But I’ve also started experimenting with a whole new area–hair bows. On the day I got my haircut, to celebrate, I bought a shiny little bow from a My Cube store for a couple of bucks.

Has anyone ever seen those before? They’re a store where multiple different sellers hire out cubes in the wall to sell their stock without having to pay the undoubtedly exorbitant fees associated with renting the entire area. I was considering selling something in one of them but ultimately I have no good ideas for that sort of business venture. I can barely bring myself to sell my old clothing.

But enough about my hair–How about this gorgeous two-toned silk pencil skirt? At first I wasn’t entirely sold on the green/magenta combination (why couldn’t it be something more harmonious like magenta and blue, or magenta and red or something?) but it’s kind of grown on me, and you know I’m a sucker for quality fabrics. Please note that means I prefer quality materials, not that I will reject polyester, because my wardrobe is pretty much as flammable as it gets–thank you eBay.

Definitely feels a bit Mad Men around here lately.

Thanks for your support of my short hair, by the way–I’ve gotten lots of feedback via social media channels and everyone seems to really like the change, which is awesome, because I’m a low-maintenance gal and this hair is about as low-maintenance as it gets. So it’ll be sticking around for a while, still..

And that’s not the only buy canada goose jacket factory on sale that’s new!

In case you didn’t notice in my review of my new Alyssa Milano frames or otherwise follow me on Instagram, I’ve cut my hair! Well, not me, personally, but the deed has nonetheless been done.

A change is as good as a holiday, they say, and I tend to agree. Whenever I’m going through any dramatic changes in my life, the hair tends to reap (or suffer?) the brunt of it. It’s not quite as dramatic as when I sheared my precious locks into a pixie crop (not doing that again, thanks), but the hairdresser did snip off a sizeable amount of hair.

I suffered through a little bit of post-traumatic stress from getting rid of the hair that I had been painstakingly growing out for years since my misguided pixie misfortune, but I soon reasoned that enough was enough.

I have fine hair but quite a lot of it, and with long hair, I found the bulk of it was generally amassed at the bottom. This gave my head a mountainous sort of appearance that I was forever trying to compensate for with various fandangled technologies of the lazy fashionista (most embarrassing of which were the “Bump Its”, which I tried once, before I decided to retire them back in the drawer of objects to be used only when I become the wife of a mid-western oil dealer).

I was too lazy to appreciate my long hair, so I’m hoping I’ll appreciate this style a little more. I’ve already taught myself how to pincurl short hair with semi-decent results (tutorial time?), I’m now just scouring the web to see what other interesting things I can do with short hair. Other ladies with shoulder-length or shorter hair, please feel free to share your Pinterest-worthy resources!

Long story short, here I am with short hair! I hope you guys like it, because there’s sort of no way to reverse a hair cut.

Onto other news, I’ve acquired my very own fabulous camera man. My friend Robert is a budding photographer who is trying to fit in lots of practice with his DSLR, so some of the photos may start looking a little fancy around here. Don’t be scared, it’s still me, but with way better photos.

Say hi to Robert. Hi, Robert!

Anyways, that’s just about it for now. Don’t forget that has extended their 15% off promotion (code: CELEBRATE15) to 11:59pm this Tuesday, so make sure you get some mad deals before time runs out. I’ve splurged on dresses and jewelry. It’s almost disgustingly predictable.

What do you think of my new hair cut? Love it, hate it, keep it short, go back to long? I’m still tallying up the votes for and against.

Clearly, these are no ordinary spectacles (Look at me, using the same joke twice in one post! Aren’t I funny?).

When I was first introduced to the idea of glasses, it was almost as though the only styles stocked at the optometrist’s office were bottle-cap or rectangle spectacles. I reluctantly settled on the latter and hoped that my vision would correct itself over time with enough squinting and heavy doses of denial. It didn’t.

So needless to say, I feel like a different person now that I’ve embraced the idea of glasses as a fashion accessory and not just an aid to poor eyesight, and it’s so easy to do with the huge range of glasses out there nowadays. Magenta-coloured glasses were definitely on my wish-list and Clearly were more than happy to provide me with a pair of my own to review. I had already been using Clearly for a long time to order my contact lenses because of their fantastic service (my mum still wears the free wayfarer sunglasses they surprised me with when I ordered my first set of contacts), so I was beyond thrilled to have an opportunity to test-drive a cute pair of stylish rims.

For my selection, I trawled over their entire website, through some of the most stunning frames, and found these beauties. Who knew that Alyssa Milano designed glasses–And affordable glasses at that! Her frames start from a tiny $79 a pair. She instantly became my new style hero. I debated for hours on whether to get teal, black, or pink, and I’m so glad I settled on the Touch by Alyssa Milano 102 Black Pink pair.

I really admire the fact that they possess a little bit of femininity in the colour without being completely overbearingly pink, like something a cat lady would wear. Indeed, from the front, they look mostly black with just a tiny hint of magenta along the rims.

More on how they wear–This particular pair is delightfully light, and despite the acetate material, I find the nose-pads conform well to the sides of my nose and don’t have the annoying issue of sliding down my face (like most plastic frames tend towards).

They came well-packaged inside a plain Clearly Contacts branded case inside a sturdy box, complete with microfibre cloth and a cute little glass-cleaning kit. I wish I took a photo of it now–the kit came with anti-reflective lens cleaner, a branded microfibre cloth, and a miniature screwdriver set on a keychain (which would have totally helped me out that time the screw in the left arm of my old glasses decided to jump ship in the middle of class and take the entire left arm off with it).

The funniest buy canada goose jacket factory on sale about these glasses is how long it took me to get used to this style of frame. I was already half-through composing a guilt-ridden letter to their PR agent, thinking there was no way I could pull off such sassy spectacles, when I figured I had nothing to lose and I should really give them a fair trail. It was the best decision I made, and I now wear them constantly!

All in all, I’m thrilled with my new glasses and would still recommend Clearly to anyone who asks. As far as mid-tier budget eyewear goes, they have an excellent range, and I am very proud of their efforts to try and keep eyewear low-priced for everyone.

They’ve recently released a “One Pair, One Price” promotion where you can select between some gorgeous frames and buy complete prescription glasses for only $49–I highly recommend taking a peek if you’re in the market for new eyewear or just want to mix it up a little bit. It’s this bespectacled blogger’s opinion that they’re well-worth the look.

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