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Caesars Entertainment Atlantic City Restaurant Week 411!
The 2015 Miss America Pageant in Atlantic City is over. It’s true. But we should NOT be sad because there’s still more pageant fun to be excited about! You haven’t forgotten about Atlantic City’s annual Miss’d America Pageant, have you?! America’s most beloved drag queens will once again be competing for the crown on Sunday, September 28th at Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City!

One of the best buy cheap canada goose jacket chicago online store about this event is that proceeds go directly to the Schultz Hill Foundation. Win win. Another great plus is the all-night party buy cheap canada goose jacket chicago online store provides. Start early at the Eden Lounge pre-party at 5 p.m. and go well beyond the end of the competition at The Pool After Dark after party. A reduced room rate with free round of drinks is also available to be booked here as we imagine both will be very needed for this particular evening. And all of the above is just half of the awesomeness.

Carson Kressley will be hosting the Miss’d America Pageant yet again, people! This man has an incredibly fabulous energy about him that never gets old. Carson believes that you never know what you’re gonna get at the Miss’d America Pageant which is true…but at the same time we equally believe the same is true for our beloved host. Another win win. Read an interview we did with Carson earlier in the week, below.

TAC: Hosting the Miss’d America pageant in Atlantic City has become an annual tradition for you! What do you enjoy most about hosting this event every year?

Carson Kressley: It’s always a diverse group of really fun contestants. While some of the mainstream pageants are very traditional and a little bit expected, you never know what’s going to happen at the Miss’d America Pageant! It always makes for a really entertaining night. I’m super excited this year because we have the musical group, The Village People! How fun is that?! We can actually YMCA live! And Victoria Porkchop Parker, the reigning Miss’d America, is also going to be there and she was so fantastic on RuPaul’s Drag Race that I think she’ll be a big hit as well. It’s a fun, over the top night of really interesting entertainment.

TAC: Your career really took off when Queer Eye For The Straight Guy came onto the scene and you’ve had loads of success since then, but even so, people still categorize you as Carson from Queer Eye even though the show ended 7 years ago. Is this something that bothers you at all given your accomplishments since?

Carson Kressley: No, not really. That show was such a blessing because it was the moment when all the stars aligned. It was something that really showcased my talent and my humor. For me it was a fantastic show because I still get young people that come up to me and say hey, I was afraid to come out to my family or we didn’t know how to talk about gay issues and then the show came along and the show was very mainstream and you guys were in our living rooms, and it made talking about it okay. It made gay okay and it just opened a lot of people’s eyes and minds. I’m very, very proud to be associated with it, so I don’t mind that at all.

TAC: You were working for Ralph Lauren before your foray into television. How did the Queer Eye opportunity come your way?

Carson Kressley: I was working for Ralph Lauren and I was a creative director there which meant that I was styling all their advertising campaigns for department stores and for their own stores, so I was styling for places like Ralph Lauren, Neiman Marcus, Macy’s and basically every major retailer. One of my coworkers said that they heard about this show called Queer Eye For The Straight Guy and they needed a gay guy who worked as a stylist and was willing to do makeovers on TV. I thought it sounded really fun and that was really the only thought I gave it. I went to a couple interviews and they liked me, and then we made a pilot, and I thought that will be the last of that, it was fun. Then about a year later, NBC bought Bravo and wanted to make the show. They asked if I was willing to quit my job and I said I don’t know, I currently have dental insurance! I lucked out. The people I worked with at Ralph Lauren were so supportive. They told me that if it didn’t work out, I could always come back, but it was daunting to quit a very good job with a great, solid company, but it wound up being a great decision.

TAC: We saw on your Instagram that you are currently working on the #love, Carson spring line. How are you able to stay ahead of the game and identify trends so far out?

Carson Kressley: We usually develop it almost a year and a half in advance. We really have to be ahead of the curve. Me and my design team always try to keep our eyes open and are inspired by so many buy cheap canada goose jacket chicago online store whether it’s what we saw at Fashion Week, or what we’re seeing in stores, or what we’re seeing when we travel to Europe or South America. We just love to create great, affordable, beautiful clothes that make people feel special when they put it on. We don’t worry so much about trends, we just try to make beautiful things. If we’re on trends, that’s great, but our biggest focus is giving our customer what she wants and making her feel beautiful.

TAC: What do you expect will be some popular pieces from the #love, Carson fall line in the next couple weeks/months?

Carson Kressley: We have a big show on Shop HQ on October 11th, it’s kind of the big fall fashion day at the network. You can go to the website,, and see some sneak peeks, but we have a great faux leather quilted moto jacket that looks fantastic, we have some great, easy to wear, beautiful tiered lightweight sweaters, we have our signature leggings with touches of leather and several really amazing pieces. You don’t need to reinvent your wardrobe every season, you just need a couple of new, fresh trend driven pieces that really spark up what you already have. Everybody has their favorite leggings, jeans and little black dress. These are the kinds of pieces that give you that instant makeover by just adding that one wow piece.

TAC: What are some fashion must haves every woman should have in her closet for those quick fix situations?

Carson Kressley: Outerwear is a great new investment because it’s something that you wear almost every day. You really should love your outerwear pieces. I think that investing in really nice accessories, a great bag, great shoes and great belts, those are also great investment pieces because they are durable and will last for a long time. The clothes should just be fun and easy. That’s what we have in our line, just little pieces that you pop on and they make you feel fun and new. I think everyone gets tired of their wardrobe from the last season. Right now, we’re all sort of sick of our summer white jeans and sandals, and are ready for something new and fresh.

TAC: How about every man?

Carson Kressley: I think men’s wardrobes are a little less fashion driven and a little bit more about investing in classics. Also for the guys, a great leather or suede jacket is fantastic as well as leather shoes, great belts and accessories. The rest of the clothes for guys should be really, really basic: Your classic button downs, a v neck sweater, some great denim. Everyone lives in denim and there are so many resources now that there’s really no excuse for guys to be wearing dad jeans anymore.

TAC: Over your career, you’ve had a couple ventures with Oprah, a couple clothing lines, some acting gigs, were on Dancing With The Stars and so much more. Is there anything that’s happened so far during that you still have a hard time believing?

Carson Kressley: Yeah, almost all of it! I can’t believe that any of this has really happened. It’s been such a blessing to take something I love, fashion, design and clothes, and make that my career. There have been a couple of wow moments like when I was at The Royal Wedding reporting for Oprah or when I sang a duet on stage with Cyndi Lauper at the True Colors Tour or when I worked hand in hand on a project with Olivia Newton John. The ones that really stand out are the ones where you have worked with someone who you admired when you were growing up. It seems inconceivable.

TAC: What else is next for you?

Carson Kressley: I do have something that’s actually apropos to Miss’d America and we haven’t announced it yet, but it’s a popular TV show that’s in that vein, so hopefully they’ll let me announce it before the show! I am also working on a new, woman’s style guide that comes out in the spring which will be my first woman’s book and I’m also working on developing a home makeover show.

So intriguing! Catch Carson Kressley host the 2014 Miss’d America Pageant live at The Concert Venue at Harrah’s Resort on Sunday, September 28th! Click here to purchase tickets.

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