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Adult Costumes for Halloween
Leg Avenue, Fetish Fantasy Lingerie, Shirley of Hollywood, Dreamgirl Costumes and Dreamgirl Lingerie. AO Adult Store stocks a wide range of lingerie, hosiery and other intimates. But what size is the right size for you? As many women know, sizing can differ from country to country, and even from brand to brand. We know that can be frustrating for our customers, so AO Adult Store has tried to take the guess work out of buying lingerie. By compiling this list of costume and lingerie size charts, as well as some helpful tips our staff have gathered from wearing and ‘researching’ our products, we hope to make comparing sizing simpler for you. So, here’s a compilation of lingerie size charts we’ve put together.

If you have any questions about the products available online, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Leg Avenue Lingerie and Hosiery is a range of eye catching hosiery. Whether you’re looking for neon coloured tights for your next roller derby bout, or lace weave pantyhose for a touch of contrast to a simple black dress, there are a range of Leg Avenue sizes and styles to choose from. The hosiery comes in two weights:

One size: 40- 72.5kgs (90-160lbs)

Plus Size (Grande Taille) 68-90.5kgs (150-200lbs)

Staff tip: Always take into account your height when purchasing hosiery by weight. If you are 182cm (6′) tall, even if you weight 40kg, you should probably choose the Grande Taille size to accomodate for that extra length needed.

There are a range of sizes and styles of Dreamgirl Costumes available from AO Adult Store and available to order online. Whether a sexy flamenco dancer or handsome vampire, Dreamgirl creates a lot of costumes for every fancy dress occasion. And accessories like their sheer thigh high red stockings.

Shirley of Hollywood is another costume and lingerie brand we stock at AO Adult Store. Includes products like the FBI Agent costume.

Our Fetish Fantasy line of lingerie is certainly some of our most extreme forms of lingerie. While a lot of these wouldn’t be appropriate to wear Fetish Fantasy lingerie to, certain public events would be perfect! Body stockings like the Dreamweaver would be perfect under an outfit or on its own to blow your partner away. Available in One Size, Queen Size and Diva, Pipedream Products helpfully included this size chart for the fetish lingerie and corset enthusiast customers.

Staff tip: All of the Fetish Fantasy products and indeed, most of the other costume and lingerie brands’ products will have a better life, and last longer if you can either hand wash the items, or wash them within a delicates bag (also known as a bra bag) on the delicates cycle of your washing machine. Avoid the bleaching effects of UV rays (particularly on hot coloured items such as the Le Freak ribbons and tights) on your clothes by hanging them inside out or away from direct sunlight.

Lingerie size charts are a great guide. Hopefully this makes size chart comparisons a bit easier! If you have any more questions about sizes, or styles of lingerie and hosiery we have available at AO, please don’t hesitate to get in contact. Our friendly staff are always happy to help match you up with the perfect costume, lingerie or clubwear.

Happy lingerie wearing! xx

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We have a great range of sex toys available for you to purchase online. Buying sex toys online with AO Adult Store is a great way to ensure you have the privacy and security you want and need from your online sex toy purchases. We take great care to make sure all buy cheap canada goose yukon store images and descriptions of our sex toys are as accurate as possible. When you buy sex toys online with AO Adults Shop you can be assured that our packaging is discrete and that you’ll always get exactly what you ordered.

Purchase sex toys online with confidence with AO Adult Store.

Secure Transactions for Sex Toy Purchases

Here at AO Adult Store, we use Paypal for all transactions for sex toys bought online. So you can feel comfortable knowing that your purchase is secure. Additionally, AO Adult Store is located in Australia and ships all products from its own stores.

Packaging, Shipping & Returns for Sex Toys

At AO we charge a flat rate of $10.00 Australia-wide for all sex toy purchases made online with us. Your sex toys are posted via Express Post with no identifiable sender name. At AO we only stock quality products from reliable manufacturers but we understand that faults can happen. We are happy to work with you to resolve any issues you may experience within 14 days of purchase. For additional information please see our returns and refunds policy on sex toys.

Here are a sample of some of the great sex toys available for you to buy online or instore with AO Adult Store.

The most talked about and most used couples sex toy online would have to be the We-Vibe 3. This is 40% more powerful than the II, waterproof, rechargeable and has its very own remote control.

This ultimate couples toy is available in purple, ruby and teal. When you purchase this little beauty you also get a play book that can help you to use it with many different positions as well ad the different modes it has to offer.

There are a variety of anal sex toys available online such as plugs, kits, beads and vibrating toys. If you are starting out or would like to buy a kit we would suggest the booksmart safe kit which has all that you would need for a little bit of naughty fun.

This kit consists of a plug, beads and a lube sachet. The best thing about this kit is that you can hide it away in your bookshelves and your guests would be none the wiser.

AO Mistress xoxo

At AO Adult Store the staff get the question “what’s good?” a lot. The answer is; “it’s all good!” because frankly, products get tested by the staff. And if they don’t pass, they don’t stay on our shelves for long! …But, if you’re looking for a buy cheap canada goose yukon store that our staff really loves, we’ll provide that for you at AO. So, introducing our staff pick of the week for October (when looking for adult costumes!). The Dreamgirl range of costumes are colourful, comprehensive, and available in a range of sizes from AO Adult Store online!

With Halloween coming up, there are a lot of people visiting our store to see what kind of costumes and accessories we have available. Although Halloween is a traditionally American event, it has become more and more popular over the last 20 years for Aussies who like to wear fancy dress.

Fancy dress parties are fun! And with the silly season coming up, there are a lot of reasons to get dressed up. The Dreamgirl Adult Costumes are available in a range of sizes, from Small to 3X/4X. Please refer to the following size chart to get an idea of the conversion scale for Australians.

There are also a large range of themes to choose from in regards to Dreamgirl adult costumes. From Flamenco Dancer to Hot Cop; from Sexy Mermaid to Native American, the Dreamgirl adult costumes company has worked hard to develop outfits to match every woman’s fancy dress mood.

While some of the skirts are sexy and short, none of the Dreamgirl costume ranges are “bedroom only” – meaning that these costume sets are versatile! Whether you’re looking for some couples’ fantasy sex play or something to wear to THE Halloween event that is happening in your city, AO Adult Store and Dreamgirl have you covered. (Literally).

Heaps of adult costume accessories such as hosiery, petticoats, gloves and underwear are also available! Mix and match the various styles and colours we have available for your fantasy look.

Get exactly the costume look you want to wear this Halloween at AO Adult Store Toowoomba.

Play safe! xx

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Why does AO Adult Store love condoms so much? There are so many reasons! Fortunately, the cool team at posted this in October last year, featuring a straight-talking gentleman who tells you exactly how it is with condoms:

While we don’t have any Horton’s condoms, at AO Adult Store we have a wide range of styles to choose from and they do all of the positive features listed in the movie above. They are a bag for a dick to shoot sperm into to prevent their partners getting pregnant or getting STDs. When used correctly, ff you have a penis, it keeps diseases off it. If you have a vagina or an anus, it stops diseases from getting in. Condoms are pretty nerdy but they also provide a great service.

And at AO Adult Store, our very own Little Mistress has been working very hardto update the site with our latest ranges of condoms. She’s a huge fan of condoms, as she is NOT a huge fan of changing nappies…

So her and her hetero partner have been road testing the condom varieties at AO Adult Store, and she’s got some advice for you! She’s taken several dozen for the team, so you might want to listen up carefully to these six condom reviews. If you want to buy any of the condoms she’s written about, click on any of the photos or attached links to be taken straight to the buy cheap canada goose yukon store page. If you have any more questions about the prophylactics on sale at AO Adult Store Toowoomba, please email [email protected]

Little M: These are exactly what it says on the tin! Shivers have a little menthol-based ingredient in the water based lube that is added to pre-lubricate the condoms, which creates a cooling sensation for both you and your partner when the condom is in action. I would describe the sensation as “like my vagina is eating a mintie“, which wasn’t my scene, but the Mister liked it ok. I can understand why if cooling sensations are for you, these condoms would be great!

Little M: Hmmm….not a fan. Don’t misunderstand me; the condoms were great, they totally prevented unwanted pregnancies and STIs. I just didn’t really like the studs and ribs sensation in my vagina. After the first couple, my partner turned them inside out so the condoms were ribbed for HIS pleasure!

Little M: These condoms are certainly looser than your average! They fit my partner no worries around the shaft, but he definitely noticed a looser feel around the tip of his penis! He didn’t really notice that they were more comfortable, but he wears the straight up and down formed ones without any problems either. It was just fun to try something new! The length of the condom is about the same too, it’s the width that has the noticeable difference.

Little M: These are an oldie but a goodie – coloured condoms! So you get four different colours of condoms in these packs, they are chosen randomly, and they just add a bit of interest to putting on a condom! I guess that if you didn’t really like the beige tone of an uncoloured condom, the Party Colours or Black doms by Four Seasons would be a pretty good choice of condom.

Little M: There’s no reason for me to try these condoms, really. Neither my partner or I have latex allergies, but we’ve tried the SKYN Original condoms before and really loved them! They are definitely a bit more comfortable than the Original SKYN condoms, with a bit more wiggle room for the penis. These condoms are an ultra-thin, smooth feeling and a strong condom for sex. People with latex allergies (or even if they’ve only felt a little irritated after sex) NEED to try these condoms!

Little M: These guys are pretty self-explanatory; classic shape, classic width, classic length. A basic condom for a penis with no crazy surprises. The Naked range are thinner than the Four Seasons Regular condoms, which is nice. I like super sheer condoms! Naked Classic is definitely a condom for wearing during intercourse.

Hope you enjoyed my condoms review! xx little m

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At AO Adult Store the staff get the question “what’s good?” a lot. The answer is; “it’s all good!” because frankly, products get tested by the staff. And if they don’t pass, they don’t stay on our shelves for long! …But, if you’re looking for a product that our staff really loves, we’ll provide that for you at AO. So, introducing our staff pick of the week for September (regarding contact magazines!). The Queensland Playmate Adult Sexual Contact Magazine is more than a directory of sex hook ups though! For a reasonable price you can look, advertise, learn new lingo in the swinger/sex contact world and meet new people within Queensland very quickly!

So, you’re looking for a sex contact magazine, and you’re located in Queensland, Australia. Why purchase a Queensland Playmate? There are a few reasons why a QP would be the best pick up contact magazine for singles, couples and groups living in Queensland:

Ten great reasons to pick up your own copy of our latest edition of the Queensland Playmate Adult Sexual Contact Magazine. They are available in both AO Adult Stores in Toowoomba, Queensland and Australia-wide. This is all thanks to our inexpensive, nationally-shipping online store! If you’re heading to QLD shortly and looking to pick someone up while keeping things casual, our staff definitely recommend Queensland Playmate Adult Sexual Contact Magazine.

Happy reading! xx

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What is Fifty Shades of Grey? Is not a question we get asked so much any more, especially with the movie scheduled to start filming in less than a month, at the time this post was written. Short answer; in 2011, a three part erotic fan fiction series was released to acclaim from fans all over the world. It is most famous for it’s depiction of hyper-rich businessmen and BDSM-themed sexual practices. It was written by author of Twilight fan fiction E.L James. By mid-2012, EL James had stripped the title of fastest selling paperback of all time from JK Rowling. People couldn’t read this erotic fan fiction fast enough. Not surprisingly, there is a Fifty Shades of Grey-themed range of sex vibrators and fetish toys for adults.

At AO Adult Store the staff get the question “what’s good?” a lot. The answer is; “it’s all good!” because frankly, products get tested by the staff, and if they don’t pass, they don’t stay on our shelves for long! …But, if you’re looking for a gorgeous something that our staff really loves, we’ll provide that for you at AO. So, introducing our staff pick of the week for early September (for luxury fetish products you just love to touch!)

The 50 Shades of Grey fetish toys and personal vibrators for couples, singles and everyone adult! EL James and the Love Group have worked together with sex toy designers to come up with a themed range of high quality, beautifully presented luxury BDSM sex toys for every adult and sex act. From multi-speed vibrators, benwa balls and cockrings to feather ticklers, spanking paddles and metal handcuffs, there is something here for every sexual taste.

All of the toys are made from high quality materials. The body-safe butt plugs and anal beads are made from phthalate free silicone, and the wrist ties and blindfolds are made from black and silver satin. Each toy set comes with it’s own grey satin 50 Shades storage bag for easy transportation, and an instruction set that helps anyone get the most out of their fetish toy.

All of these toys are designed for easy use and clean up, making them perfect for the BDSM aficionadowho wants a new toy to play with, or the fetish play beginner that wants a little something extra, just to see exactly what IS Fifty Shades of Grey, for themselves.

There’s even a range of Fifty Shades of Grey party games, a racy game set for people that like to throw great parties. There is also a hardcore 18+ Red Room Expansion Pack to take the game even further. So, if the question “What is Fifty Shades of Grey about?” comes up at your next soiree, bring out this fun party game (with or without the Adults Only sexy extension pack!)

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