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Ring a ding ding, it’s time for spring! I don’t know about you, but I love the rain. It reminds me of the month I spent going to school in England during high school, during which I learned to stop trying to keep my hair straight in rainy weather. Now that I’m back in Toronto, the smell of the rain on a spring day takes me right back to my memories of England. Of course, because we live in Toronto it’s not quite warm yet. The snow melts a bit more with every rainfall, and soon it’ll all be gone to make way for the lilies in my front garden. What better way to spend the melting weather than shopping in Yorkville, my favourite part of the city?

Like I said, I love the rain. But I don’t love raincoats! They make me so sticky and hot, so I just leave them out of my wardrobe and opt for leather instead. I find buy real grey goose online canada keeps me just as dry but without the gross overheating feeling! I’ve had a few leather jackets over the years, but my favourite by far has been this one by Michael Kors. The boots are also MK – if you think I’m a bit obsessed with his designs, you’re right! I paired my MK leather set with plain dark jeans and a simple silk tanktop, and a bright red bag for a pop of colour.

Every time I’m in Yorkville I make a beeline for Holt Renfrew, Canada’s best curator of quality fashion. And, like always, I found some awesome pieces. Can you guess what I bought? It’s gorgeous, I can’t wait to post about it.

This chocolate fudge espresso latte from Pusateri’s was amazing, by the way. I would definitely recommend it. :)


jacket: Michael Kors

boots: Michael Kors

purse: Coach

“Business casual” is a term often thrown around to represent the way women should dress in the office or at functions, or anywhere else they need to look “professional”. But that is so vague, and can mean anything from a pinstripe pantsuit to a summer dress with a blazer. Last weekend I had the opportunity to speak at the National Business and Technology Conference to present a workshop on how to build an app without code using Windows Phone App Studio, and when preparing I was faced with choosing an outfit. This is my take on “business casual,” shot in the Pantages Hotel in Toronto!

I’m in love with this Betsey Johnson sweater dress. It’s comfortable, sleek, and simply elegant. I paired buy real grey goose online canada with my tall grey boots and some simple jewelry, including my amazing Swarovski USB bracelet (yes, the same one I featured in my holiday gift guide)! I stored my presentation files on buy real grey goose online canada and it was so comforting to have my docs on me all day and be able to keep track without checking my purse a thousand times.

I added a little spunk to the otherwise-monochromatic outfit with my heart and robot earrings, also by Betsey Johnson, and a gorgeous yellow all-in-one phone wallet by Michael Kors. The wallet was perfect for a long day at a conference because I could carry my phone, money and cards with me at all times and not have to wear my shoulder down with a big bag.

The back of this dress is what I love about it most! It lends a feminine twist to the outfit and adds a bit more charm, in a subtle way that is not typical of Betsey Johnson’s designs, but that works so beautifully.

I love the full-length windows in the Pantages Hotel rooms. With the hardwood floors and private kitchen, the room was very spacious and comfortable, and I could see myself working from there for an extended period of time. The one complaint I had was the bathroom, which was small and had dim lighting – a shame considering how great the rest of the room was! Oh well, it was good for a stay in the entertainment district.

So, what did you think? Does this meet the “business casual” criteria?


dress: Betsey Johnson

boots: La Canadienne

earrings: Betsey Johnson

bracelet: Swarovski

rings: Kate Spade, Pandora, Spencer’s

Welcome to my device closet! I post a lot about my actual closet, but as a tech collector a good deal of my room is taken up by devices so I thought I’d give you a tour of my favourite tech!


ThinkPad – my current go-to machine. It’s my favourite because it’s a touch screen running the beautiful Windows 8, and its screen swivels and folds to become a tablet! I’m in love with it.

HP laptop – also running Windows 8. I like it, but it’s outdated. But my experience with HP has always been positive, so it lives on.

MacBook Pro – my artistic, moody second screen. I used to be obsessed with this machine, but now I find its 15-inch, heavy frame impractical to cart around with me. When it comes to photo and video editing, I’m in love with the MacBook’s options. I usually use this at home to retouch my pics and update my sites, while my ThinkPad takes on the more code-intensive work.


Surface Pro 2 – My goodness do I ever love this machine. More of a laptop than a tablet, this device is my favourite one to bring to events and conferences. It’s fast, intuitive, and syncs to my ThinkPad so I can do everything I have on there, on a smaller screen.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 – this one is definitely a tablet, but it still competes with the entertainment and portability of the Surface. I love how light it is and how the stylus sits inside the body. This was my first tablet and it’s a great travel companion!

iPad 2 – Do I need to explain it? A giant iPhone, I don’t use this very much because it’s very entertainment-oriented, and all the games I need are on my phone.


iPhone 4S – I’ve had iPhones for years now, and don’t have many complaints. The home button is quite worn down now and only works 50% of the time, so I occasionally want to throw it at something hard and spiky, but the apps on this phone and the text history I have on it are worth keeping it around.

Nokia Lumia 800 – It’s old and outdated (still running Windows Phone 7 OS), but man does it have killer business functionality. I love the WP interface, and I can’t live without the calendar integration this provides! On any given day you can find me with both the Lumia and the iPhone in my purse.

Samsung Galaxy Note – It’s very big, but I love the customizability of the Android interface. That and the fact that it syncs to the tablet!


iPod Touch – I rarely use this nowadays since my iPhone has all my music on it too, but it’s definitely a good portable music device, especially when working out.

Sony NEX-5R Camera – my baby! She comes to every event with me and is my go-to for all lighting conditions. It’s the best of all worlds with its touch screen and wifi capability, and it has this gorgeous feature that autocorrects skin tones in portraits! Perfection.


dress – Betsey Johnson (one of my all-time favourite dresses! I’ve had it for years)

red shoes – Valentino

tan shoes – Gucci

purse – Jeanne Lottie

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