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Diet tips for the new year
If your plans to lose weight and eat healthier in 2014 haven’t started yet, don’t fret. It’s the simplest ways that often work wonders, as Francy Pillo-Blocka shows in her e-book Skinny on Slim: The Little Black Dress of Diet Books. Instead of making you feel bad for what you eat, Francy knows the journey to get from “Fat City” to “Slim Town” needs to be broken down into simple, manageable steps. She knows this because she’s been there.

CH&L asked the author to share with us some of her favourite no-nonsense approaches to losing weight. Pillo-Blocka recommends working on these four key things:

The first step is to set yourself up to succeed — this means in all areas of your life. Your home, your work, your car, and even your purse are all environments you should ready. This means cutting out all the “bad.” Keep fruit on the ready, try unsalted nuts in lieu of potato chips, have plenty of dairy canada goose chilliwack aalborg store like yogurt, milk and low fat sour cream to incorporate into meals and snacks. Plus, switch to whole grain bread, crackers and cereal.

Her second tip is to focus on journaling. One of the many phrases that continually pops up in Francy’s book is awareness is bliss. This taps into the importance journaling can have in your weight loss journey.

“You cannot change what you do not realize, period,” says Pillo-Blocka. “After a few weeks of journaling, patterns will emerge … make a list of all these habits, then rank in the order you feel are the easiest to change, to the hardest.”

Her third tip? Use positive supports. “You need to keep your eye on that prize, your ultimate goal, and meanwhile, work in positive reinforcements right from day one to get you feeling pumped and motivated,” says Pillo-Blocka. She recommends dressing for dieting success. “Abandon slump wear for good, and get in the habit of wearing clothes that make you feel great (undies included!) every single day.”

Another way to use positive supports is to establish a reward system starting on day one. But don’t sabotage your positive supports by choosing an entire pint of ice cream as a reward! And, Pillo-Blocka recommends to only weigh yourself on day four and 14 of your cycle. “Don’t go near anything that resembles a scale during the few ‘weeks of bloat’ we experience before our period starts.”

The last tip involves your mind and mentality — visualization and thought stopping. Thought stopping involves drowning out those negative voices with positive messaging. Pillo-Blocka says you need visualization to crush that core belief that you won’t ever lose weight. “You, my friend, need to become a believer and learn to visualize the prize — you at your goal weight.”

Francy says…

“It’s cold outside so think frozen — frozen produce that is. The selection of flash frozen peas, corn, carrots, Brussels sprouts have locked in freshness that tastes great. In addition, these options are convenient and can make canada goose chilliwack aalborg store to the table in minutes. You can add them to casserole-style dishes or serve them as meal accompaniments. I love the frozen berry and fruit selection you can add to smoothies, thawed in yogurt or to satisfy that sweet tooth the all-natural way.

I still get fresh food in the winter though, and love a crunchy mixed salad with dinner and change up by adding in different nuts, dried and fresh fruit.”

Fracy says…

“The bottom line is you CAN get in the habit to get moving any time of year inside or out! Here are a few more tips:

Bundle up – When you choose to go out and face the elements dress warmly (layers, coat, thermal socks, hat, mittens) or your frigid experience will reinforce couch-potato-dom and put your winter activity plans on ice. Getting outside in the winter and being active can be quite invigorating!

Just for today – How often do we ponder: “How on earth am I going to be active ALL winter long?” Try my secret to chunk canada goose chilliwack aalborg store down and focus on today rather than an entire season. When you do that all of that, the “tomorrows” will fall in to place!

Think intervals – Another way to chunk it down is to think in terms of 15 minute intervals, the new “interval training!” Come on folks, everybody has a measly 15 minutes to start a movement movement, right? Once you break through inertia you may find you’re on a roll and decide on doing two intervals in a row. If not think about working in another interval or two in a little while. Your exercise doesn’t have to be done all at one time.

Wimp out & stay in – If you truly do hate the cold, plan workouts inside – do mall walks, turn on the tunes and dance to the music, invest in a piece of exercise equipment you’d enjoy using. I love my stair climber and cross-country ski machine.”

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