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Foodie Friday: Lorna Jane Clarkson
Lorna Jane is so much more than the face of a clothing label. She is the pioneer of the Move, Nourish, Believe movement – a message that really could be the key to living our best lives. Not only does Lorna design the absolute best exercise clothes (that you actually want to wear whether you’re working out or not), but she’s also a massive advocate for living a healthy lifestyle. Her brand-new book, MORE Of The Fit Woman’s Secrets gives us an insight into her life and success, both of which wouldn’t be what they are today without her insatiable enthusiasm for leading the healthiest life possible.

Meet Lorna Jane

I’ve always loved food and from an early age I was taught to value my health. Growing up, my family placed huge importance on fitness and good food so I was very lucky in that way. I do think over the years my eating habits have continued to improve and I love to experiment with new ingredients and try new things. As the face of the Lorna Jane brand I also feel that I have a responsibility to uphold a nourishing way of life, but of course it’s something that I first and foremost do for myself… I lead my life guided by my personal philosophy of move, nourish, believe: I promise to move my body every day, nourish from the inside out, and truly believe anything is possible with a little hard work.

I aim to keep what I eat as close to nature as possible. No processed or overly refined foods, no sugar or artificial sweeteners. I eat for the level of activity I do each day, I don’t count calories and I make sure what I eat is delicious. Oh, and I definitely need to drink my eight glasses of water every day, no excuses!

You are what you eat and I understand that if I want to think and be at my best, I need to fuel my body with the nutrition it needs to perform at a high level every day. Not only does healthy eating give me the energy to keep up with my busy lifestyle, but I see it as an investment in my future self and I genuinely LOVE knowing that the food I’m eating is GOOD for me.

Something that shows them that nutritious food can actually taste amazing! I think that there are a lot of people out there who feel you have to compromise on taste when it comes to health food. That might have been the case a few years ago, but not anymore! I would make them one of my great cacao recipes (think chocolate bark or chocolate and pumpkin brownies) and then watch them look at me in disbelief when I tell them there is no sugar in them.

I always pack healthy snacks for the plane and keep hydrated during my flights, as I find it definitely helps with the dreaded jetlag if you’re well nourished and hydrated once you get to your destination! One of the first canada goose down distributors store I do is visit my nearest health food store and stock up on healthy breakfast and snack options for my stay. That way I can get in some morning exercise, have a healthy breakfast and get on with my busy day. I also bring my favourite scrubs and face masks to nourish my skin … Surprisingly I seem to have more time to pamper myself when I’m traveling than I do at home!

Planning is definitely one of the most important canada goose down distributors store to do when it comes to staying on track with nutrition and I always make a little extra when I’m cooking so I have a stockpile in the freezer for when life gets a little too hectic. I also make sure I have the essentials in my fridge to whip up a green salad or smoothie when all else fails. I’m always rushing from meeting to meeting so snacks are essential; my favs are bananas, portioned containers of nuts and packets of dry ingredients for a super-food protein shake which I just add water or coconut water to when I’m ready to drink it. I also carry single serve sachets of vital greens and organic miso soup for an instant pick-me-up on the go.

Definitely smoothies! My favourite would have to be my super green smoothie filled with kale, spinach, celery, an apple, a pear, half a banana, lemon juice and iced water… yum!

Eating healthy doesn’t mean you need to eat boring! I think a lot of people have this idea that nutritious foods are automatically bland and repetitious but that really isn’t the case at all. The beauty of healthy eating is you can experiment with lots of tasty and nourishing recipes and eat delicious meals every night of the week that are also good for you.

I would love to cook for Michelle Obama, simply to enjoy her company over dinner and hear about all she has done to promote kids health, as well as her own exercise regime. I would make a healthy roast (with a nutrient-filled stuffing!) with a side of fresh salad for a delicious dinner.

I have been obsessed with all canada goose down distributors store health and fitness for as long as I can remember so being a Wellness Warrior is simply me sharing all of the things that I know and love with anyone that wants to listen. I often refer to myself as a test-case-dummy because I love to try anything (and I mean anything!) in my quest for new and wonderful ways to be fitter, healthier, have more energy and feel more balanced and joyful in life.

Breakfast would have to be my favourite meal of the day and in my opinion it’s worth getting up that little bit earlier to make something nourishing and delicious to savour at home or at work. Here are a couple of my go-to recipes that are quick, easy and deliciously nutritious.

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