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Now, Now Every Children
Welcome back Cannibal Cheerleader faithful, here’s a searing series of psychotic indie rock stabbing you right in the ears, beginning with the instantly enjoyable new stumbleupon Now, Now Every Children blasting out of Minneapolis. Here’s a group that we here at Cannibal Cheerleader regrettably wouldn’t have given a second look to had we not been invited to check the group out live – and what we were treated to was a tour-de-force bedroom-pop meets Stars-inspired jam session with unfettered emotion and inspired musicianship powering the songs forward like a cascade of dreamscapes. NNEC might initially suffer from a variety of short-sighted and ignorant criticisms focusing perhaps on the age of the group (all under 21, looking much younger) or their acceptance into the cult of personality surrounding groups like the Alternative Press Magazine crowd or Paramore (whose Hayley Williams has been known to don a Now, Now Every Children shirt during her band’s stadium-packing concerts). Such ancillary discussions somehow might inhibit a listener’s initial foray into the group’s music – we here at Cannibal Cheerleader would like to throw open that closet door.
Beginning with two excellent EPs (the Not One, But Two EP and the In the City EP) the group, consisting only of Cacie Dalager on vocals, keyboards, and guitars and Bradley Hale on drums (though the live band is bolstered by friends of the group) has only just released their incredible debut LP Cars in December of 2008 and have been riding its wave ever since. With indie-sensibilities well beyond their years the duo crafts a brand of soft-spoken and sensitive bedroom-recorded, 8-track-loving pop music with a delicate eye for heartfelt lyricism which doesn’t dive into melodrama or pitying pathos but swoons with metaphor and darkness. Songs like “Everyone You Know” and “Friends With My Sister” denote a level of maturity and understanding that indie-rockers have been clumsily striving for for decades. Here’s a band that knows how to take the Stars formula, whip in a little shoegaze drone, punch canada goose parka outlet billig online store up with some guitar riffs, and inject a little personability to make a fantastic brand of rock music. Definitely check out this group immediately – we did and we’re thankful for it.

Lots of people have been leaping onto the Lissy Trullie bandwagon as of late and we don’t blame them – with an infectious sound and an enticing band personality to boot, LT and crew have garnered the attention of hip magazines trying to claim street cred and lame magazines trying to reclaim coolness. According to all reports the group is taking canada goose parka outlet billig online store in stride and now that they’re stuck in the studio hopefully churning out new and even more electric tunes we thought it prudent to give the fans a whirlwind tour of the group’s recent video lineup, starting of course with their new single “Ready for the Floor”.

As it turns out the original Hot Chip version of this track will be featured in the upcoming horror flick Jennifer’s Body (you know, the one about the hot cheerleader who eats her fellow classmates, more on this later…) and will hopefully throw some listeners Lissy’s way.
We really feel that LT’s power and genuineness shine brightest during live performances and this one is no exception. It’s an interview video care of ABC News (???) featuring Lissy Trullie and the band performing tracks for a hard-hitting, 40+ year old reporter and still managing to win him over. Good or bad canada goose parka outlet billig online store that parents might like LT? We’ll leave that up to listeners. Turns out this video is not embeddable (strange I know) but here’s the link because it’s actually a pretty interesting watch and comes recommended by the CC crew.
Lastly if you haven’t checked out the Lissy Trulie “Boy Boy Remix” yet you’ve got to get your ass in gear and download it below. It’s a stellar mix and definitely showcases LT’s Scarlett Johansson voice – worth a listen every time!

Smashing their way out of San Diego with an equal parts bombastic and wiry guitar sound, Lanterns features a brand of Sonic Youth-meets-Bloc Party sound that’s sure to please fans of either group. With a self-proclaimed fluid band structure that features members of the group constantly moonlighting in other groups, Lanterns has still managed released a myriad of EPs, all apparently coalescing into one giant sonic assault in the form of their upcoming debut LP Young Wizards.
Seeing as the group combines our favorite elements of new-wave British dance-rock a-la the Futureheads and the best feedback of the true American fuzz-masters like the Raveonettes, we’re gearing up for an audio maelstrom the likes of which we’ve never heard. Definitely can’t recommend this group more, check them out or miss the boat after it leaves the harbor people.

Road-weary travelers of the stoner-rock landscape will be familiar with the name Yob, the inimitable and downright fearsome trio hailing from Eugene, Oregon whose breakup and reformation were the topic of much of the Northwestern metal landscape for several years. And now, finally in 2009 we have the result of the reformation in the form of the five track searing LP The Great Cessation, a collection of smoldering, crackling, choking doom metal that marks a new high point for the band and sounds not unlike a legless zombie slowly clawing its way out of some dark pit to tear your breath from your chest.
Featuring greater use of lead guitarist and vocalist Mike Sheidt’s voice than ever heard in previous Yob records, The Great Cessation stands as one of the group’s most terrifying works, delving into the realm of blackend metal with grinding guitar parts and hellish yelps and shrill cries splattering across every track. Here’s the new Yob record – definitely and defiantly worth the wait.

We here at Cannibal Cheerleader count ourselves as Dandy Warhols apologists. Sure they might be hipper than thou and of course they’re more electronic leanings and dancier rhythms are no match for their early, drone-rock recordings (The Dandy Warhols Come Down is still one of our favorite records) but with a bevy of fantastic singles and a live show that strips you of all pretensions (and sometimes your clothes) the group still stands a testament to the power of indie-rock and roll in today’s musical landscape. And what better way to recapture that early DW love than to invest in a remix album that takes the band’s first step into the true mainstream with Welcome to the Monkey House and twists it into a lo-fi version featuring the producer of the Roots.

The Dandy Warhols Are Sound is a reimagining of Welcome to the Monkey House that features alternative mixes of the album’s tracks, mainly resulting in a more organic, live performance style sound that captures the Dandys in rare form, combining their penchant for live fuzz-rock with their newfound interest in electronic noodling. The album is in many ways a step up from the original album, which, while solid, definitely suffers from overproduction and a sparkling clean finish that marked the jump to a bigger label for the band. Definitely check this one our as soon as you get a chance, and hey, go listen to the Dandy Warhols when they fly through town on Sept. 9th at Emo’s here in Austin!

Speaking of apologies, we have very few to say when it comes to our unabashed love of New York-based singer-songwriter Charlotte Sometimes whose debut LP Waves and the Both of Us still spins at the Cannibal Cheerleader house every once in a while. Turns out that CS is performing at a variety of NY locales over the rest of the summer, including tomorrow July 29th at Piano’s! Check her out people, this gal is most certainly going places!

If there’s one record we’ve been spinning madly down here at Cannibal Cheerleader headquarters over the past few weeks it’s got to be the Danks’ debut LP Are You Afraid of the Danks?, an album many are describing as the Canadian answer to the Strokes, a highly positive critique that we can’t help but agree with. The Danks combine a bouncey, garage-rock based rhythm with sing-song vocals and scratchy-voiced lead singer philosophizing on the merits of youthful rebellion while his band frolicks on their guitars in the background.
Speaking of the background here’s the group’s newest video for single “In Alright” which features the band acting as party music for a college kegger. Watch the luckless foursome get shoved aside by blonde bombshells and wonder why they aren’t getting all the girls yet. Oh that’s right, they play indie-rock and roll. Oh what a world, check it out below:
The Danks – “Who Knows”

Here’s another in a long line of Cannibal Cheerleader shoegazey favorites – introducing heat-ray from Alberta, Canada, a five-piece pop group that combines a two-fold male and female vocal assult with the punishing power of ‘Creep-era’ Radiohead’s three-guitar punchout to create an overall aura of bombastic, glowing guitar-rock that billows and flares like a four-alarm fire. With the recent release of their debut LP LoveAllOver the group has managed to capture a stormy but sophisticated sound that garners instant comparisons to the likes of Catherine Wheel or Ride without sounding like petulant knock-offs or boring retreaders – instead the group sounds equal parts fresh and exciting while still retaining a level of pop pride that echos through ever pedal and amplifier on stage. Check out the group below and prepare to be amazed (also, yes, we’re aware the name’s not capitalized, that’s how it’s supposed to be geez).

If you’re visiting this site for the first time or are a long-time reader we can safely say you’ve not lost your faith and love in music – lucky for us neither has Pete Doherty, former Libertiner and current Babyshambler whose current solo tour has been causing waves across the British press for its heartbreaking renditions of well-worn Arcadian tunes old and new. Featuring many new tracks from his latest LP Grace/Wastelands Doherty has been relentlessly perfecting his live show, bringing the Babyshambles backing band and Graham Coxon as support.
Fortunately for all of us across the pond who can’t see Doherty live there’s a fervent recording community for all the former Libertines located at Albion Arks and French Dog Blues, the latter of which forwarded us this bootleg entitled Pete Doherty at Barrowlands and features the singer-songwriter performing gut-wrenching renditions of classics old (“Fuck Foverer”, “Music When the Lights Go Out”) and new (“The Lost Art of Murder”, “Sheepskin Tearaway”). Definitely live show worth reliving again and again, give a listen below.

All roads point to Austin this November as the 4th Fun Fun Fun Fest gears up for a slamming lineup of punk, indie, and hip-hop for what we Texans have gotten used to calling the best festival that nobody knows about. According to all sources this site features the latest leaks for F3 and we’re stoked at the people it’s listing so far – Jesus Lizard? GZA? MELT BANANA?
We here at Cannibal Cheerleader have a Melt Banana fetish that stretches back to our days in high school and to see them live on a stage as big as the F3 ones, well that’s just a recipe for success in our book. Keep tabs on the site and look for more updates soon!

The band’s name is Bad Veins and they will change the way you think about lo-fi rock and roll. Frothing forth from the depths of Cincinatti, Ohio the duo of Benjamin Davis and Sebastien Schultz craft a brand of woozy, stadium-sized crashing rock, complete with Brandon Flowers-style vocals sung through a Strokes-esque megaphone. The duo features guitar riffs that mesh in soupy mash of electronic warblings and keyboard cuts to create an air of shoegazey-meets-organic roots rock, all recorded on what sounds like the most beat up 8-track dragged from the depths of your mother’s basement. In all sincerity, the band requires a listen to fully understand, so here’s a sample of Bad Veins, a band with a lot of room to rise in a landscape that needs their type of creativity.

Still stretching their legs to the tune of their debut LP the Rhumb LineRa Ra Riot will once again be blasting through Austin on Sept. 24th and you know we’ll be first in line for such antics. This sextet still remains one of our favorite acts of the day, combining all our love for tender folk, loud-quiet-loud rock and roll, and singalong harmonies in seemingly every song. Here’s to the Ra Ra Riot gang – may you continue to forge ahead!

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