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When canada goose shop in ny 2015 comes to fashion, there are two poles in the world of popular games. On the one hand, we have the professional sports scene, in which players sport a range of strictly utilitarian outfits, which are prone to getting grubby and tattered. On the other hand we have the gambling community, which is the exact opposite. Casinos are built around glamor and high-class aesthetics, and the guests are expected to dress to match: whether play Poker or a Texas Hold ‘Em game, a keen gambler is expected to cut a smart and stylish figure.

However, there are exceptions to this general rule. Many of the players in the World Series of Poker will adopt their own distinct styles – some drawing ultimately upon traditional modes of dress, others going for something more offbeat. Once a player has made canada goose shop in ny 2015 onto the WSOP circuit they are primed to become larger-than-life figures, and so there is a general temptation to make a distinct statement in terms of fashion. Poker may not be the most obvious place to find stylish new looks, but once you cast a glance across some of the hottest players of the WSOP, you will notice some very bold wardrobes.

Take Phil Laak, for example. Laak is a many-time WSOP poker player who sports a very urban look: with his distinctive hoody, his sleek sunglasses and the chunky headphones which he is sometimes seen wearing, he looks more like a hip-hop or dub-step musician than a traditional casino enthusiast. This just goes to show how street styles have influenced the fashions worn by professional poker players.

Another street-styled poker player is Phil Hellmuth. His look is different, however, in its emphasis on casual fashion. Sunglasses, a leather jacket, a baseball cap – he looks as though he is simply going for a day out with his buddies. In fact, Hellmuth’s style is so quintessentially casual that you can imagine somebody dressing in a similar way as they sit down to play real money online poker at home.

Style seems to come naturally to Laak, but other players take time to cultivate their looks. Chris Ferguson is a prime example: with his cowboy hat, long hair and carefully-groomed Chuck Norris beard he is equal part rock star and action hero. It must be hard not to be intimidated by such a confident-looking person while at the poker table.

Ferguson looks like an actor, but Jennifer Tilly – another WSOP poker player star – is an accomplished actress. Balancing her poker life with a career in Hollywood, Tilly plays her games in a glamorous dress which makes her look as though she has stepped off the carpet; a recurring theme amongst her garments are low necklines, with the emphasis of her cleavage being something of a trademark.

With live poker attracting so many vibrant fashions, how can those of us who prefer online poker rooms hope to emulate the same looks? After all, none of the other online players will be able to see you during a game of virtual poker.
The answer lies in online avatars. The best online poker site is sure to offer a full range of customisable avatars which you can adapt to represent yourself. You can tailor canada goose shop in ny 2015 carefully to make it looks as close to your real-life appearance as possible – or you can let your imagination run wild as you turn it into the kind of star poker player which you always wished you were.

So, the next time you sit down to play an online poker game at home, spare a thought for your choice of avatar. Take a look at the WSOP superstars such as Phil Laak, Jennifer Tilly, Chris Ferguson and Phil Hellmuth and learn from the distinctive looks which they have chosen for themselves. Do you want to be street-smart, like Laak and Hellmuth? A macho cowboy star like Ferguson? A gorgeous glamour puss like Tilly? Any decent online poker site will allow you to make an avatar which can capture any of those looks – along with many more. Make no mistake: image and fashion can be surprisingly big parts of a poker game.

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