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Hoarding Clean up Vancouver
Here’s a quick video of our Operations Manager, Laura. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Laura!!

As mentioned in our previous blog post we provide pest control preparation services for our clients. It helps reduce costs for treatments if the property is adequately prepared for a professional pest control company.

We have developed partnerships with large clients and pest control companies to develop this method. Below is a list of canada goose xxl homme outlet we provide to guarantee a professional pest control preparation ready for treatment.

Have all accessible furniture, etc. moved away from the walls

Launder all bedding and clothing

All floors areas must be clutter (including closet and beneath furniture)

Vacuum all floor areas and baseboards (including closets); place vacuum in a plastic bag, seal and discard immediately in external garbage (or one of our trucks!)

Vacuum bed frames, box springs, and mattresses (paying attention to edges, buttons, and tufts). All shoes must be vacuumed; place vacuum in a plastic bag, seal and discard immediately in external garbage (or one of our trucks!)

Empty all closets, dressers, bookshelves, wall units throughout property. All items that have been removed from these areas should be inspected, cleaned, put into plastic bags and sealed. All of the above mentioned must be vacuumed once emptied to eliminate any live bedbugs or eggs present. Also remove all framed pictures and decorative items from walls and vacuum….you know what to do with the vacuum bag (see above).

Clear all food items off counter tops, etc. and store in fridge or cupboards

Remove all bedding except the fitted sheet on the mattress; launder all bedding, place directly in new bag and seal.

Make sure that all clothes from storage areas, closets, dressers and all other areas are washed in hot water and put in the dryer on high heat for at least 45 mins then place directly into new sealed bags.

This is a quick over view of the additional services we offer as part of our hoarding clean up services. For more info please fill out our contact sheet and we will contact you immediately.

Part of our hoarding cleaning services we offer across Vancouver and the Lower Mainland is pest control preparation services. Some of our larger clients who provide low income housing need a service which can assist in the elimination of bedbugs and cockroaches. At CleanStart BC we offer these services as part of our hoarding cleaning services or often as a stand alone services to help with the gap often found in between hoarding cleaning and pest control services.

We offer a pest control preparation service which requires Personal Protection Equipment and a specialized service both of which many staff in buildings do not posses. With our pest control preparation services we help our clients save money by reducing the amount of times a unit has to have pest control treatments. If done correctly a pest control technician can come the following day after we have done the preparation work for them.

Here are some photos of the little critters found at a recent hoarding cleaning site.

For more information look out for more blog posts on our methods for preparation, you can contact us here for more info.

Often when we are providing expert help for hoarding cleanup across Vancouver and the Lower Mainland we come across many different canada goose xxl homme outlet of pests, and bedbugs are one of them! In this short video you see how our hoarding cleanup crew deals with the removal of bedding while wearing Personal Protection Equipment (a must for all bedbug clean up sites!).

This video shows Jay and Mike hard at work after a full day of hoarding cleanup canada goose xxl homme outlet finally tackle the spots where live bedbugs are present. It is crucial that everything is bagged properly in order to avoid cross contamination for the buildings we work in. It is extremely important that we do not compromise the building we are working in along with other tenants. Professionalism, discretion, and compassion are the mantra’s for each work site!

Thanks for watching, for more information visit our contact page here and let us know how we can best serve you!

Here’s a shot of the place before we provided our hoarding cleanup services.

Here’s an article written about our Hoarding Cleanup Services in Vancouver. It describes the health and safety protocols we have to follow. We want to say a big thanks to Speaking of Safety for featuring us and our hoarding cleanup in Vancouver.

“Workers need protection when a clean-up job could possibly include used needles, human body fluids, animal corpses, and piles of rodent poo.

Workers in such situations – not for the faint of heart – are required by BC’s Occupational Health and Safety Regulation to use personal protective equipment (PPE) that includes appropriate respirators, coveralls, rubber gloves, and protective footwear – not to mention training and supervision.

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