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Five Steps to More Holiday Jingle
CafePress offers LOTS of great products for the season. Be sure to stuff your shop full of seasonal gear and gift-worthy items!

This time of year, our mailboxes seem to burst with celebration (Thanksgiving, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year). Invitations and holiday cards arrive from friends, family, neighbors, even insurance reps…and everyone in between. Get in on the greetings and good cheer when you create festive holiday cards and invitations. This year, you can even give your customers the choice of personalization—with our new Personalization Tools. When you’re designing for personalized gifts, all you do is pay special attention to our Tips for creating invitations.

Hurry! Add these items before November 1st, and you’ll be in time for our Cards & Invites Sale 11/1 – 11/3.

It’s time to deck the halls. Make it easy for your holiday shoppers to get all decked out; just add décor items like holiday throw pillows and blankets, stockings and ornaments. And don’t forget all the other popular seasonal items like mugs (for hot cocoa!), Christmas morning PJ’s, and aprons for holiday baking.

Add holiday décor items now to make our Select Holiday Items Sale, 11/24 – 11/27.

Winter clothes are virtually flying off those virtual shelves. Stock your shop now with sweatshirts, hoodies and long-sleeved shirts to boost your sales. And don’t forget to include the new-this-year (and much in-demand) zip-up hoodies!

Add these products now—our Sweatshirt & Hoodie Sale is Dec. 3rd.

Want your customers to find the perfect present for everyone on their list? Make holiday giving extra-easy with suggestions of gifts and gift packs.

You can create new sections in your shop when you put them at the top of your page (this quickly turns them into “gift sections.”) Copy and move your gift items into the sections to give your shoppers easy access. Remember though, because you are copying products from one section to another, you’ll want to change the cheap canada goose winter jackets uk buy online names and descriptions to make them more holiday-friendly. This will also reduce any SEO (Search Engine Optimization) concerns about duplicate content.

Always keep SEO in mind. Read Optimize for Search Engines under Step 3 for details on how to create Gift Centers with good SEO potential.

-Gifts by Recipient-

Organize your Gift Center to offer suggestions for certain people on your shoppers’ lists.
Example: Gifts for Mom, Gifts for Him, Gifts for Her, Kids, Pets, etc.

-Gifts by Product-

Show off holiday products—add a section for products that make great presents! You can even suggest products that go well together, like keepsake boxes and jewelry, or dog shirts and pet bowls.
Example: Holiday cards, Christmas ornaments, etc.

-Gifts by Price-

Almost everyone shops with a budget in mind. Try organizing products by price to make shopping extra-easy (and even faster!).
Example: Gifts under $50, Gifts under $20, T-shirts for $10 (using the value tee), etc.

-Hot Holiday Sellers-

Pick a sprinkling of your best-sellers and new products that are perfect for the season! To keep this content fresh, update this section often.

-Personalized Gifts-

Personalizable designs make awesome presents. If you still need to create those for your Personalizable gift section, it’s easy! Get started now.
Example: Personalizable ornaments, Personalizable T-shirts, Personalizable iPhone cases, etc.

Here’s a short cut. Use the shop search functionality and point to results for specific image tags or products.
The URLs can be constructed like this:

By image tag:

By product:

Combined tag and cheap canada goose winter jackets uk buy online search:

During this busy holiday season, keyword demand for product-based searches increases to 50 times the norm. Creating a gift center offers a great opportunity to drive search engine traffic directly to your shop by targeting “gift” based keywords. For the best Gift Center SEO, focus on your Section Name, Section Teaser and Section Description.

The Section Name produces the text in the link that points to your section. It will also become the page title (the text of the link people see in search results), as well as the link text in the left navigation of your store. This is extremely important for SEO. The words used here will directly tell Google what this page is about and what keywords it should target. You should set up these sections with gift “themes” (using keywords) in this easy to follow format:


Unique FunnyGifts for Friends
Cool Christmas Mugs for under $15
Cute DachshundHoliday Cards for Mom & Dad

The Section Description will get carried on to the level/category page. The text will be on that page to tell the user what the merchandise on this page is about. Just as using the right keywords in the Section Name is important, you also want to use more synonymous words to describe this page, keeping in mind the keywords you want this page to target. But make sure your description is natural and not overly stuffed with “keyword repetition,” because you want to make the text as useful for the consumer as possible.

Below the Section Name link text, there will also be a small amount of text that gives a preview of the page it links to. This is the Section Teaser, and you’ll want to use relevant keywords here as well.


Section Name: FunnyChristmas Gifts for Friends
Section Teaser: Unique and humorousHoliday giftideas for your friends.
Section Description: Browse funnydesigns on uniqueholiday gifts for all of your friends. Surprise them with a t-shirt with a funnyslogan, or give them a Christmast shirt as a funnyholiday gift.

Follow the guide above, and your Gift Center sections are instantly set up to gain maximum SEO benefits!

Everyone loves a deal! And CafePress hosts frequent sales you can offer your customers during the holiday season. Add a promotional banner to your shop to draw the crowds, then urge them to buy to get the best deal! You’ll have happier customers AND more sales. And since the coupon banners automatically update for each sale, all you need to do is add the banner code to the custom html in your shop—then just watch the sales roll in!

-Store Description-

The 468×60 banner looks great in the store description, and adding it couldn’t be easier. Just copy the code from the banner page and paste it into the Store Description box on the custom html page of your CafePress account. Tip: The custom html page can be found in your CafePress account by going to this page and clicking the “customize” link, and then the “custom html” link.

-Side Navigation-

The smaller banners are specifically designed to fit in your side navigation bars. We recommend you put them at the top so your customers can see them easily. This is a little trickier to do, so we suggest you only use these smaller banners if you’re comfortable working with CafePress shop html.

-On your Gift Center Pages-

In some cases, you’ll be pointing traffic directly to your Gift Center pages. Make sure your customers see the promo banners on these pages too—just add them directly into the Section Description.

Whenever you promote a sale, make sure to include a link to the deal details. This details link is always updated with the most current sale info:

Additional info about each promotion is announced on the News & Announcements page. To make sure you get your daily holiday sales updates, subscribe now!

Utilize your social media network (aka friends, family, fans, and business contacts) to promote your shop for the holidays. Spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, your personal blog, discussion boards, or any other social media channels you connect to people on.

Just think, if you’ve got 300 friends on Facebook, and each of those friends has 300 friends each. This means there are 90,000 unique people within your reach to connect with.

So how do you get people talking about your products? Here are some tips to help you come up with a compelling social media campaign.

Don’t just spam your friends with random products and designs. Posting interesting, funny, thought-provoking designs will grab attention from your network. If the design fits, sync your messaging to something related to pop culture, seasons, and special occasions. Try posting a cheap canada goose winter jackets uk buy online of the week or suggesting gift ideas (ex. Need the perfect gift for your niece or babysitter? Check out this Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn t-shirt I designed for all the ‘tweens in my life!) Are people commenting, responding, sharing, retweeting etcetera? If so, you’re engaging them.

Post your newer products and those that are most relevant to the conversations happening on your social networks. Are your friends sharing funny cat videos? Post your cat merchandise for them to see. Are your coworkers all connected? Share office humor designs with them.

Try to follow (or get ahead of) the wave of pop culture, current events and media and post relevant designs and products. If you know what’s trending at the moment, you can create designs to leverage those trends (within reason). Being the first to do so, and marketing on your social networks can be a great advantage, since anything from a talking dog video can grab hold of the spotlight.

Don’t stick with one method. Test to see what works best to get the conversation going: does posting a link directly to your shop on your wall work better than uploading a photo of a design from your shop into a photo album? Does posting a coupon increase your sales? What if you post it with a product instead of just a link to your shop? Whatever works for you!

And remember, promoting the CafePress-sponsored sales (see step 4 above) gives your social network an extra incentive to check out your shop and products.

Whatever the method—email, FB, tweets, conversations—get the word out however you can, and you’ll have more holiday jingle in no time!

Enter our Jingle All the Way contest for a chance to win a prize pack worth $500*!

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