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Ryan Guettler has been honoured with 4 special displays in Hard Rock Cafes around the states. Check discount authorized canada goose outlet online dealer out. It has his Mirraco Black Pearl frame, Vans Whip shoes & Protec helmet plus some cool pics & a blurb. I guess you really have hit the big time when you start getting your own features in Hard Rock Cafes? Heck yeah Ryan.

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Our 2008 frames are shipping now finally & will be available over the next coming weeks in a shop near you. Below I have listed approximate availability times per country…

Australia – 3 weeks
Canada – 3 weeks
China – 2 weeks
France – limited stocks available now full supply in 6 weeks
Germany – available now
Hungary – 2 weeks
Japan – 2 weeks
Netherlands – 6 weeks
Poland – 6 weeks
Russia – 6 weeks
Singapore – 2 weeks
Ukraine – 6 weeks
UK – 6 weeks
USA – 4 weeks

For now I thought I would show you these pics of the details on the frames. Shown here is the Bloody Oath in all it’s glory. This frame along with all our 2008 post heat treated frames are backed by our lifetime warranty.Check our discount authorized canada goose outlet online dealer section for full details on all our frames.

Thanks for everyones patience in the delays in getting these frames out there. We appreciate your support.

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It’s been a while since I posted any news about the progress of our cranks but here are some sneak peaks of the final versions.

They are a 3 piece crank but work like a 2.5 piece crank. Meaning only one bolt holds them together saving weight & making them simpler. They feature a 19mm 48 spline axle that is hollowed out more than the average crank. The design offers high strength but affords considerable weight savings.

There will be two versions available… The street version will come in 170mm & 175mm lengths while the flatland version will come in 160mm only & suit micro gearing.

They will be available in Black, White & the first two limited edition colours will be Grey & Tangerine. Expect them out this coming August.

Street version.

Flatland version.

Showing the non bolt side assembled.

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For release only in Australia we have the following two limited edition release Endeavor colour ways available now. These are in very limited numbers & once their gone their gone… so get in quick if you’re keen. Call your local bike shop now for placing your orders.

Endeavor in Metallic Red.

Endeavor in Metallic Silver.

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Here are the first concepts of our first flatland stem. This is so new that we haven’t even named it yet. It’s CNC’d from 6061T6 alloy & will come with the front 4 bolts hollow with the rear two solid. It gives the ride height of a top load stem but with the easy access of a front loader due to its angled front plate design. Expect it to be very light of course & of excellent quality.

It wont be available until at least late this year but both Simon & Shane will be testing it soon enough. I guess you could even use this stem for street/park as well for those that like a shorter reach stem?

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Cooper from Focalpoint just sent me an email to say he has put a Mick Bayzand bike check online. I gotta say it’s one of the best looking set-ups I have ever seen. Mick inspired our limited edition Gold colourway & it absolutely looks amazing. Get it while it lasts at a store near you now. Bling bling.

Click here for the full bike check on Focalpoint. Thanks Cooper !!

Also if you haven’t already checked out Mick’s recent web video click here now.

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Here are some sneak peaks of the final sample 2009 Cube frame straight off the production lines. This picture was taken before the frame was sent over for it’s full post heat treatment. Expect these to be available in August this year in either 18.0″ or 18.85″ top tube lengths.

Word has it that the mastermind behind the Cube, Shane Badman, is headed for Egypt to live for 6 months or so. Should be a welcome change in weather conditions from the cold winter he has endured in Europe.

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About 2 weeks ago I met up with both Matt & Toby one day after they finished work. The idea was to film for a web video in one afternoon. It was set in their local park (Helensvale on the Gold Coast, Australia) & we had about 2 hours of sunlight to get it done.

While dodging the masses of razor scooters they got some shit done & it turned out pretty good for an afternoon after a hard days work. Matt is a plumber & Toby is a painter… both of them can also ride a bike pretty damn well. Weekend warriors for sure.

Click here to check out the work they put in on this fine afternoon in April.

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Here are some pics of our 2009 stuff set for release in August this year…

Teddy Bars… Mick Bayzand signature bars that are 27″ wide & 8″ high with 10.5 degrees back sweep & 2 degress up sweep. They also have a thinner 16mm diameter crossbar & an old school shape. Yeah yeah Mick !! Don’t forget to check out his recent webvid if you haven’t already, here.

We will also have a very limited edition ‘Canvas’ range of pivotal seats as well. These will be available in Slim & Mid styles. Early sample shown.

Liam will also have his own street ready forks to go along with the Hell Stallion frame that feature a 30mm offset for easier nosewheelies & the strength to match Liam’s street assasination skills.

All these will be available August the world over.

Thanks to StrictlyBMX for the pics.

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We’ve known for a while now that Ryan was having some major work done to his backyard set up & now it’s all finally done. This place looks amazing !!

Check out a video on Vital by clicking here now.

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A few weeks ago Mick came up to Brisbane & stayed with me for a week. Mick mus

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