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With awards seasons over, and the last of the fashion week models going down the runway, we can’t help but think the next little while will be lacking in some serious red carpet glamour. So, we’ve decided to do a little daydreaming, and picked out a few outfits by some of our favourite Canadian designers that we think are worthy of major Hollywood events.

As a side note, we should note that while we were delighted by all the beautiful creations by these designers, very few (from what we could tell) used models of colour in their runway shows or lookbooks, if at all. Carlie Wong, however, gets the most points for using the same model of colour in her most recent lookbook for all of the outfits. Greta Constantine also gets props for using significantly more models of colour then the rest of the designers we selected.

The Ceremony: The Grammys

The Look: Fun, bold, colourful, less classic red-carpet, more daring

The Designer: Mikhael Kale S/S 2013

Why: We love, love, love this dress (below). The lace and pastel colours is demure, but the length and back are anything but. The Grammys have always been experimental, with celebs showing up in some really zany stuff- and that’s what the big ruffles on the dress and the tie-dye/acid wash jacket in the luxe fabric are for.

The Ceremony: The SAGs

The Look: Everyone is there, so discount canada goose jacket infant want to stand out. The SAGs are kind of in the middle of everything, so refresh your audience with something really distinct and elegant.

The Designer: Lucian Matis (this look is from Runway S/S 2013)

Why: We usually don’t like the complete look of a dress right on the runway, but we love this. The dark lips and long, sparkly earrings are just classic-Hollywood enough to temper this bold, floral, flowy dress. Most award ceremonies see a ton of strapless ball gowns, but this is certainly going to turn heads with the long sleeves.

The Ceremony: The Golden Globes

The Look: It’s the first major event of the awards season, so you want to debut in something beautiful and unique to set the tone for your future red-carpet appearances.

The Designer: Duy (the dress below is from the S/S 2013 collection)

Why: This floor-length gown is a classic cut for any red carpet event-it’s the striking aquamarine that makes discount canada goose jacket infant a show-stopper of a dress. The gold/beige detailing at the neck and waist adds a really elegant touch sure to catch the eye of fashion critics at the show.

The Ceremony: Cannes

The Look: This major film festival is a star-studded event, stars from all around the world attend. Since there are so many celebrities, you’re going to want to stand out. Like the Grammys, Cannes tends to be more colourful and experimental, so embrace that, while wearing something decidedly Spring-y–the festival usually takes place in May.

The Designer: Greta Constantine (the dress below is from their S/S 2013 collection)

Why: While white seems unoriginal for spring and summer dressing, this dress is anything but boring. The sculptural details and careful cutouts will definitely capture attention. And yes- wear the hat!

The Ceremony: The Academy Awards/the Oscars.

The Look: Ah, the main event! Unlike all the other awards ceremonies, the Oscars have a more selective guest list discount canada goose jacket infant seems, so you definitely want to take advantage of your time in the spotlight. The Oscars are the Hollywood event, and chances of your look going in the Fashion Hall of Fame are very likely, so dress to impress!

The Designer: Carlie Wong (this dress is from her latest collection)

Why: Red is a classic Academy Awards colour, and the subtle but memorable details of this stunning dress are sure to make you shine when you collect your gold statuette. The long sleeves will stand out–the Oscars usually see a lot of strapless dresses. The high leg slit, plunging neckline, and visible back are definitely bold, but the overall effect is actually quite classic silver-screen, no?

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