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Easily Distracted
I was compiling a big list of audio streams so as I did not have
to go
to websites every time I wanted to listen to something different. Novel
idea, neh?

[NOTE: “neh” = Japanese “ne” + Canadian “eh”]

Anyways, after I had done all the tedious editing, I had my ultimate
playlist of 60 (non-unique) streams. I concatenated all the “.pls”
files I downloaded, and then did minor fixups (renumbering). When I
loaded the list into XMMS, which I generally use to listen to music,
none of the extra information was being displayed; just the internet
address. At first, I thought magasin canada goose en france outlet was a bug with the playlist; something
as simple as support for the pls
playlist format
must be implemented! Both the format and XMMS have been
for a long time. I was about to download the source and see
much effort magasin canada goose en france outlet would take to implement, when I saw this.
So the next version of XMMS will most likely support exactly what I was
looking for. Good.

Oh, here’s the file I created, if anyone is interested. streams.pls

Got my bike on Monday! When I went to the lost property office,
the guy had to “go to the bike room,” so I guess it’s a fairly common
thing to leave your bike on the bus… …right? ^^
I also got my UPass. Paying for public passage with coins and
disposable tickets is for CHUMPS! Paying through student fees is where
it’s at! Valid from Aug.15. Snazzy.

I’m tired and want to sleep -> My day will be laid out in
point form.
– look up bus schedule on internet and make sure every bus has a little
“bike” icon beside it.
– arrive at bus stop with bike. first bus: no bike rack. second bus: no
bike rack. …. shit.
– BIKE to bus depot where my next bus is and actually make magasin canada goose en france outlet just in
time to be on my original schedule.
– sweaty & tired.
– yay! bike racks the rest of the way! at least internet only lied
– arrive at school many years later, go to appointment.
– go to 4 different buildings to get new student ID (hint: go to
bookstore FIRST)
– use new student id to go swimming for free! UBC pool is awesome.
water temperature is perfect.
– after long relaxing swim (including hot tub, sauna, steam room,
shower), eat california roll
– *gasp* The student union building has changed! My god! The arcade!
so… much.. smaller… it seems…. looks prettier, tho.
– read for a bit
– go to mcdonald’s for an ice-cream
– find place w/room I’m going to look at, and read some more cuz I’m
– go to house of vegetarians and look at their rooms to rent, fill out
questionnaire, talk, blahh
– try desperately to make a bus, and miss it… just barely
– take the next one
– on bus, girl across from me says, “is that a zaurus? A sharp
– talk about PDAs and crap until she gets off.
– lots on my mind.
– I get off bus.
– bus drives away.
– i walk to next bus
– wait, why the hell am i walking?
– bus stole my bike.

– fuk
Oh, and the penguin blinked.

I actually had a busy day today. But enough of that, I think you should watch this:

(I think Alex especially will appreciate this….)

I sprained my ankle, today. Went for a run and it just kinda rolled over, sending me into the gravel and dirt.

*cough* lame! *cough*

Damn… Omega Pirate just totally kicked my ass.

No, the other kind, unfortunately. :'(

The box I shipped to myself from Japan just arrived yesterday. It was
amazingly undamaged. I had some winter clothes, shoes, books and other
boring stuff in there. But I also had my underwater housing for my IXY

camera and the gifts I got from my department. My department gave me a
nice ceramic lamp for my birthday and a Japanese curtain (‘noren’) for
my going-away party – so I guess they don’t hate me… but I’ll never
KNOW! < -- that bothers me. Oh, and my coworker brought me back this freaky Thai statuette from his business trip to Thailand (cuz I helped w/the English in his presentation). When it’s not giving me nightmares, it’s pretty cool. Today, I read and played video games. Ah, the good life. I finished The Wheel Of Time Book 2, today. Sweet, only 9 more to go. …. ~ugh~

I was looking for a minimal web browser to run on that computer I’ve
been setting up. “Dillo” is cool, and it’s super lightweight (thus
running easily), but guess what one of the main uses for this computer
will be? Hotmail. *shudder* Okay, so I had to find something that could
do more complicated websites and not require any more than 32MB of RAM.
Minimo looks interesting, but is at version 0.1. I chose Opera. Plus,
it supports mouse gestures, which I love.

Another note with that computer: Debian package management. I’ve pretty
much figured out apt-get, but a higher-level program
is recommended for package management: dselect. I’ve
never been more confused by something that should not be confusing, at
all! After not being able to figure out why it would not install the
packages I had selected (I tried maybe 5 times), I gave up and
apt-got them with no problems. Huh? I thought they
were suppose to do the same thing?

1) The dselect package selection interface is confusing to some new
users. Reportedly, it even makes seasoned kernel developers cry.

2) The documentation is lacking.

Steve needs box!

Oh my god…. today was going so well… until…

So I woke up earlier than usual, biked
to the gym and had a good workout w/my oldest stister. Then I went to
the pool for a nice, relaxing swim. My shirt, however, was soaked with
sweat from the workout. I decided I’d run it under the shower and hang
it up on some hooks to dry off somewhat when I’m done in the pool. I
have my swim, and it was also nice; mixed in with a bit of hot tub and
sauna to relax the muscles. I finish in the pool, and my shirt’s gone!
WTF! Who the hell takes a soaking wet shirt?!
AAAaargh… so pissed off. That was one of my favourite UNIQLO shirts I
brought back from Japan! >.< Biked home w/no shirt. I’ve really been enjoying my time of nothingness. Really, I have. It’s so welcome. I should try actually doing something, though. Anyways, today, I killed some time browsing lj communities and such; I’ve never really done that before. I can’t remember exactly how I found them, but I found some that are practically exhibitionist communities. yes, I joined them – who knows when I’ll be bored next? Maybe I’ll even whip out the digi-cam and try some artsy self-portraits… – don’t worry, I highly doubt it. eheh And, on a related note, I can’t believe how many communities follow this simple formula: 1) Look at me! 2) You’re pretty. 3) Thank you. Nothing really wrong w/that, I guess…. always good to have an ego-boost. That’s right. It’s for people to talk about why a ninja is better than a pirate, or vice versa; it’s a pretty tough call. Pirates definitely have a unique fashion sense, and they’re allowed to drink and have fun. But ninjas… c’mon… they’re NINJAS! True, ninjas probably only eat enough to give them sufficient energy to hang their 30kg frames from ceilings using their thumbs – and even then, it’s probably beans and tofu type substances – and not starve. BUT if you take it literally, “Ninja VS Pirate,” the pirate’s fucking dead before he gets his hand on his cutlass. “But pirates have guns!” you say…. Example:

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