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[FAT] photos – day four
Michelle Reagan did a terrific job getting everyone seated and introducing media to the designers between shows. PR can be a very stressful, demanding job. Michelle manages to do real canada goose england online all while still staying positive, kind and friendly. She is off to New York for a terrific opportunity with Catherine Malandrino. Plus she still has one year of school left! So if you have an agency or PR department, I would recommend you start recruiting her now.

Ainsley Kerr and Kristin Booth get naughty in their Starkers corsets.

Models backstage all ready to walk for LOVAS by designer Wesley Badanjak.

Jennifer Allison, designer of Walking Tall, dresses her model backstage.

This is ELECTRA, a show by Genevieve Favre Petroff. She sang some songs including my favourite, about cranberry juice, but I thought that real canada goose england online would turn into a cool light show with a lot of red lights representing the cranberries, then real canada goose england online did not. At first we were captivated, but ELECTRA kind of lost the audience after the cranberry song when she sang some more serious numbers. I think in a small, silent room the show would be a lot more effective.

Backstage, a model gets her makeup done for Matthew Donnelly’s show.

The night finished off with haute absurdity by CHRISTABEL.

I really enjoyed this year’s [FAT] – I felt the level of showmanship has never been higher, the collections reached a higher standard without sacrificing the variety and surprises that makes [FAT] so delightful. The organization was tight this year and held the event together while keeping the informality and party atmosphere intact. Thank you to Vanja Vasic and her incredible team for showing how exciting and fun fashion in Toronto can be.

A Week’s Worth documents what I did all week – a little peek into the life of a fashion illustrator and blogger.

As you can tell, most of this week I have been going to [FAT]. I did some other stuff too but didn’t get a lot of pictures.

A very cool (and gutsy) high school student named Vanessa asked to come see my studio and I said yes. She asked me questions for her guidance class at school and was very poised and intelligent.

I went to the Berkeley Church on Tuesday to check out what Third Tuesday was about. Ali and Alex de Bold of Chick Advisor told me about it – its a series of free talks on public relations, the internet and entrepreneurship and this past Tuesday was the fellow from B5 Media. I was interested despite (maybe because of) my cynicism towards blog networks. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay long enough to hear him speak, but I might try a future Third Tuesday.

Anita and I walked over to [FAT] together and just before we got there she changed into her pumps.

I also paid a visit to Fashion Crimes on Queen Street for a chat (more on that later). Checked out their Prom window which is up for just one more week – very lovely!

How was your week?

Each day of [FAT] has a theme, and Thursday was “Gutter”. I brought a bag of markers to try something new for sketching the runway.

Breeyn McCarney showed a collection of pretty dresses with clown styling. I talked to her backstage afterwards – she told me that she gets inspired by the darker side of children’s entertainment.

UND showed a militant collection with many pieces made out of a thick vinyl that reminded me of the seats on my family’s ancient Malibu car when I was a kid. The second illustration is a NEVA look – like a sarouel hiked up to become a jumper in turquoise polka-dots, over pink leggings that covered the shoes.

[FAT] publicists Michelle Reagan and Alison Lawler-Dean had a surprise for us – we got seated in the front row with our crew. Aw. The front row seating was a little tighter on Day 3 because there were lots of celebrities in attendence – the girls at The Style Box were working hard. Plus, Caitlin Cronenberg was there on assignment for Fashion Television. What was she saying into her microphone during the shows? Inquiring minds want to know.

Here Alison is texting hard for her clients – or maybe setting up a hot date?

You notice that each day at [FAT] the lighting changes? The first day was pink, the second day was green, and the third day was an angry red.

Models amble and pose down the runway for Magpie.

Didn’t get to my seat in time for Tassoni Brasil but scored a place right by the backstage steps. Caught this little diptych showing the front row and the back stage, both intently concentrating on the models.

Managed to get a few shots of Tassoni Brasil from the other end of the runway for a change.

Each day of [FAT] has a theme, and Wednesday was “Planet”. I brought a bag of markers to try something new for sketching the runway.

Paper People Clothing (left) was a lineup of dopplegangers of the designer Jenn Fukishima, with runway hijinks including handing out shots to the first row and lighting candles over a dead bride in the finale.

Romandin (right) also had some unusual antics involving magnets and iron filings. Both designers use recycled garments and fabric.

The shows were all so good and so fun to watch I forgot to draw a lot of them!

Two very effervescent ladies in the business of connecting designers and performers – Amanda Brugel and Gail McInnes.

Three Pink Ladies in the business of providing design and production services for fashion companies.

Ariel Garten gets lifted during the collection/dance show/environmental message Too Hot Too Wet Too Dangerous.

Colleen Booth lounges on the runway wearing a dress by Paper People Clothing. She assists the designer Jenn Fukishima and last night her job was to clean up the runway afterwards – yes it was that good.

A model wearing Romandin poses with designer Cristina Sabaiduc. Romandin featured innovative re-used fabric and some spectacular, unexpected details involving magnets and iron filings.

A model wears Elizaveta Yankelovich‘s incredibly oversized found-object jewelry.

Two of the Deadly Nightshades, Kirsten and Irene, show me their fiercest moves after their high-energy runway debut.

Check out he new spaces at the Toronto Fashion Incubator – not only is it an affordable office space downtown, they have a ton of amenities ideal for a fashion business and a terrific atmosphere. Take the free tour and learn more.

When I was a scrappy little fashion student, I used to make hand painted silk scarves and when I was feeli

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