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Table Mountain Hiking Trails in Western Cape South Africa

The Pipe Track:

The Pipe Track (named for the pipes that used to carry water from the reservoirs) serves as a link to the Twelve Apostles Ridge. However, real canada goose langford parka amsterdam is also a beautiful, manageable walk and gives wonderful views of Camps Bay and Lions Head. Park your car at the Kloof Nek parking and follow the path through several bends for approximately 7kms until you reach a point below the disused Woodhead Tunnel in the Slangolie Ravine. If this isn’t enough of a walk for you, try a route up the mountain.

Table Mountain Hikes


The Grootkop excursion is a favourite and the view from the top is spectacular. Start the walk from Theresa Drive in Camps Bay and climb via Kasteelspoort which is the shortest route to Grootkop. After reaching the Back Table, use the Southern path along the ridge of the Twelve Apostles and this will lead to Grootkop. The ascent is marked with beacons. It’s good to remember that the walks that start in Camps Bay have shade for longer in the morning!

Lion’s Head:

Although slightly steep at the top, Lions Head is still a great climb and again the views and scenery are a perfect reward for the little effort needed to reach the top! The trail starts opposite the parking area and winds its way around (and around and around) Lions Head until you reach the steeper areas and need to start climbing either the rocks or ladders provided.

Table Mountain Hikes

Skeleton Gorge and Nursery Ravine:

This walk starts in Kirstenbosch Gardens and is in shade through the forest. There are a few sections of rockfall and ladders are provided to help climbers were needed. Once at the top (near the dam), you will need to keep left past the dam to the top of Nursery Ravine. The descent of Nursery Ravine (which is steeper than the ascent) will bring one back to the contour path and one can then walk back to the Gardens.

If you are looking for a longer walk, you can carry on to the top of Skeleton Gorge (Breakfast Rock marks the top of the gorge) and then make your way along the Eastern flank to Maclear’s Beacon which is the highest point. The views of the entire Table Mountain chain all the way to Cape Point are superb! From here you can walk across the Central Table and an about 60 minutes later you should arrive at the cable car station and you can ride back down.

Constantia Corner Path

The Constantia Corner Path walk starts at Constantia Nek. Walk into Cecilia Forest and then follow the path that leads off left from the dirt road. You need to follow the path up Constantia Ridge and onto the service road that links Constantia Nek to the Cecilia Plantation and the Woodhead Reservoir. The walk is just less than four hours in total and returns to the starting point.

Please Note:

Please remember the mountain can be moody and the weather can turn quickly. You should always carry a light but warm jacket with you, as well as plenty of water and sunblock. Try not to walk on your own and always have a fully

via Table Mountain Hiking Trails.

Rock-hopping in Bainskloof South Africa

For more adventurous types who don’t only go camping to sleep off the previous night’s Klipdrift or spend the weekend fantasizing about the return of their hair-dryer, I highly recommend camping at Tweede Tol in Bainskloof and doing the rock-hopper trail along the Witte River between the campsite and Eerste Tol at the top of the Bainskloof Pass.

Bainskloof is situated in the Limietberg in the Western Cape. The campsite is conveniently located no more than an hour and a half from Cape Town and is about 15 minutes from Wellington …

From a camping perspective, Tweede Tol, managed by Cape Nature, is slightly commercial. This means that site sizes are somewhat limited and that neighbours are almost certainly guaranteed, however, real canada goose langford parka amsterdam also means that the campsite is well-maintained. Booking is essential as are permits and designated trails.

When we chose to do the rock-hopper trail, we were a little unprepared for the day ahead of us and the thought of spending a morning scrambling along a river bed for 6km was slightly more romantic than real canada goose langford parka amsterdam turned out to be.

We left a little late in the morning (in December) and made a seemingly wise decision to scramble upstream based on the relative ease of climbing up rocks as opposed to down them and with the perceived logic that navigation would be much easier.

Our judgement may have been slightly suspect and the trail took us about 8 and a half hours- most of which was during the hottest part of the day. It didn’t take long before constant balancing resulted in sore feet and the urge to get to the next shady spot or decent pool was an absolute necessity rather than a natural delight. Also, there came an hour past the half-way mark where distance suddenly mattered and every bend provided a cruel sense of hope that it was the last, when in fact it was at least an hour premature.

Despite the exhaustion, it was an absolutely fabulous day. The river bed was devoid of lazy frolickers (well anyone at all), the sense of escape was preserved, there were some exquisite rock pools, and the exercise was welcome.

Some advice if you are considering this trail:

Downstream is apparently recommended for a reason

6km wound along a river bed is not 6km along a tar road

Do not wear precious clothes or shoes

Take lunch

Leave before 10am in mid-summer

Remember to have two cars- one for both the start and the finish- because walking up/down the tar road at the end is simply not an option

Do not go if you hate hiking, are indifferent about nature or are anticipating a long, late night around a camp fire that night

Do not go with someone who insists on talking the whole time

In all honesty, this is conveyed from the point of view of a timid adventurer, so my perspective is slightly corrupted by my tainted fitness, aversion to heights and inhibited courage, and is in no way a reflection of my fellow rock-hoppers, who are confident and less obsessed with a dip in every pool. In absolute fairness and in humble resignation to reality, I do believe that without my company and presence, the trail should have taken closer to six and a half hours. That said though, my comrades were …see all the details and pictures via Rock-hopping in Bainskloof.

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