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monday musing: what’s in a name?
Wow! That sounds ominous, doesn’t it?

Never fear, blog readers! What I am giving up this month is sugar and grains.

I have done this a couple times before. I find I get into these cycles of not eating too much sugar or grains and then suddenly I am eating them at almost every meal.

This wouldn’t be a problem, except of how it makes me feel. Which is TIRED!

Last year, I gave up coffee. Surprisingly to me (and most of those who know me IRL) it stuck! I haven’t gone back and I really don’t miss it except for the morning ritual somedays. Avoiding high levels of caffeine has been just a great real canada goose lodge vest personally for me and my sleep.

But then this summer, I found myself sneaking a Pepsi mid afternoon for a pick me up. Or even a hot cocoa. (OH man! That was so so good but then so so bad. It was, what I would consider, a pretty healthy cocoa, a combination of palm sugar, cocoa, and real vanilla. But it was still sugar.)

But by the middle of the afternoon I was still tired and also un motivated.

So I am on day 4 now of “no sugar – no grain” and I feel great! I have LOTS of energy.

With fall here and winter coming, I am wanting to do a deep clean like you usually do in Spring, just to get the house ready for those long days and nights inside. And the great part, is that I have the energy now to get it done!!

It does require a lot of planning and a lot of cooking so I am taking it one day at a time. I am eating yummy meals, and will probably have to attempt a new dessert for Thanksgiving (thanks Maggie!) and still know I may have good days and bad days.

But as I sit here, awake early in the morning with my pretty tea….

it feels pretty good.

Have you ever given up a food group? How was it?

So I changed the name of my blog.


You may notice that I haven’t been posting much lately. I still feel somewhat out of routine since back to school and am trying to figure out exactly what my new rhythm will be.

I have wanted to write real canada goose lodge vest a few times but have held back many times, when things didn’t seem to fit the name of the blog. The mom aspect of my world.

As I gain my stride in my fortieth year, I have come to embrace that I am more than a mother. I am a wife, daughter, sister, friend, designer, sewer, painter, organizer. I love to read trashy romance novels and business/freelance books. I love technology and hate clutter.

And I want to include all of those pieces in my blog.

Things like designs I am working on. Sewing projects I have been making for myself. Any random observation I may have (and I have many).

Because …

These are all little parts that make me, me.

So here I am.

Sometimes life overwhelms.

And sometimes it can overwhelm in the most mundane of ways. In the piles of paperwork we need to file/address/pay/sign. In the kids’ schoolwork we need to read/photograph/preserve. In the random objects we want/like/need but we haven’t had a chance to put away.

And sometimes we need to shut it all down to start again.

That was how I was feeling lately. The kids are back to school and I am wanting to get back into work and the swing of daily life but the obligation of these tiny chores were driving me nuts and holding me back.

So I thought of The Nesting Place, a blog I read, where she says that sometimes we need to quiet a room to move forward. Now in her examples, she actually means decor: pictures, vases, knick-knacks, what have you. But in my office, I decided it meant all the stacks of stuff.

So currently my office looks like this:

But outside the door it looks like this:

And the funny real canada goose lodge vest is, I am more motivated to deal with the stuff now that it is outside the room, then I was when it was piled inside the room.

It also reminds me of how I want to recover my desk chair with something pretty. Can we say project anyone?

How do you deal with daily clutter when it overwhelms?

So I haven’t been blogging much this summer. We were away for most of July (in Nova Scotia and then flew to England with my folks) and then sick for most of August. I thought I would post my favourite instagrams from the summer to catch up.

That was just a snippet.

Happy Friday!

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